How Coronavirus Impacts Global Finance and Why Vassilis Milionis Advises People to be Wise


Coronavirus negatively affects business all over the world. However, Vassilis Milionis advises people to be wise regarding their business during this time

Since the coronavirus outbreak in December 2019, businesses all over the world are failing. This negatively affects global finance, creating chaos within the economy. This situation grabs the attention of Vassilis Milionis, a Greek property investor, and entrepreneur, who is concerned about how the pandemic affects the sustainability of the economy.

Currently, the world is facing a decline in economic growth in 2020 because of the coronavirus outbreak. The economic growth declined from 2.9% to 2.4%, which seems small but is very impactful to global finance.

The methods of transmission of the coronavirus are believed to worsen with human contact. That is why a lot of countries are trying to limit the contact of humans, both within the country and outside the country. This led several countries to restrict a lot of things that unfortunately negatively impacted the economy.

The economy of many countries began to fail because of failure in production activities. Production activities are becoming more difficult because of how hard it is to access the human movement in the country. With the restrictions that many countries make, people cannot go to work, materials cannot be obtained, and so many more things prevent the ability of companies to create their products. That is why people all over the world have their businesses failing.

Although the world currently feels very chaotic, Vassilis Milionis encourages people to stay optimistic. According to Mr. Milionis, the economy is indeed slowing down. However, he encourages people to be confident that this economic slowdown will be considered by the government. Hopefully, the government policies and stimulus will help the business to survive during this difficult time.

“We cannot stop our business, the country’s economy also depends on the sustainability of the corporation business, we must fully support the government’s economic policies and always be responsive to the issues that are developing at this time.”, said Mr. Vassilis Milionis, the Greek entrepreneur who is advising people to be wise and optimistic during this time.

Greek entrepreneur Vassilis Milionis works in the property and tourism sector. His projects are also currently being affected by the coronavirus pandemic. He said, “Business not only pursues profit, but it should contribute to the surrounding community and the needy. In this way, our contribution as sustainable entrepreneurs can drive the economy of the lower classes. Even though the level of investment and the economy is declining, we have helped our country’s social and economic”.

About Vassilis Milionis

Vassilis Milionis is a Greek businessman and entrepreneur. He has several interests and passions, especially in the luxury tourism property sector. His latest project is a luxurious 5-star hotel and holiday apartments in Crete, Greece. During the coronavirus pandemic, Vassilis Milionis encourages people to be wise when it comes to their businesses. According to him, this is because the market nowadays is still under the effect of coronavirus. Vasilis Milionis is one of a lot of people who is concerned about how coronavirus impacts global finance.


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