Vassilis Milionis Advised Stock Market Strategies For New Investor


Investing in the stock market promises a chance to grow money gradually. Vassilis Milionis, a Greek stock market investor, gives his best advice for beginners.

Investing in stocks is an excellent way to grow wealth. As the stock market promises high yield return, the stock market investors must be aware of the unpredictable market move. The stock market tends to increase in value, by way of the price of each share going up and down every day. But, the investors can also lose all of their money if they can’t manage the trading well. Vassilis Milionis, a property and stock market investor, advised to buy a small number of shares for first time traders and buy shares at an appropriate moment.

Stocks are a good long-term investment, even during periods of market volatility. If a stock market turns down, it simply means that many stocks are on sale, and it’s a good time to buy. According to Vasilis Milionis, time to buy shares is the most essential thing investors can consider. As good companies announce their profits (earnings report), the shares’ prices tend to increase prior announcements are made. Hence, the investors should watch out during this period and hold to purchase shares at this moment. Moreover, it is important to look forward to the right’ Market Timing’ for trading in shares.

New investors should also follow some good resources for the current stock market. “Some good resources for new investors before they invest their money in the stock market. They include Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, and Bloomberg,” as stated by Vasilis Milionis, a property investor. Millionis also advises investors to evaluate their capital strength and tolerance limitations prior to investing in a business. Millionis also encourage new investors to consider managing the risk well. He suggested moving out of a stock when they have achieved maximum returns from stocks, not to wait until the stock price turned back. When the price goes back, it will lose all gains.

About Vassilis Milionis

Vassilis Milionis is a well-known Greek property investor. One of his achievements is Filia Investments LTD that focuses on property and investment. Filia Estate works together with Dimand and Ethniki Pangaea to finish two large tourism complex projects. With many years of experience investing in the stock market, he encourages people to invest in stock market investments with proper strategies and wisely. Although the stock market promises high yield, he also suggested investing in other instruments such as gold, indexes, and bonds.



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