Vassilis Milionis Describes the Opportunity to Invest in Southeast Europe


Vassilis Milionis explains that Southeast Europe is a good region for Investment. It shows higher economic growth than other regions.

Vassilis Milionis, a prominent Greek entrepreneur, explains the best Investment in Southeast Europe or SEE6. Despite the uncertain global environment condition, Southeast Europe still has a potential place for Investment. The exports from SEE6 countries show a small growth with only 1.9%. This percentage is less than last year in which the export growth reached up to 2%. The small economic growth has a strong relationship with the condition of the countries in Europe. Greece has to struggle with the crisis, Italian banks pressure, and political tensions in Turkey attack the economic condition in Southeast Europe.

According to Vasilis Milionis, “We all understand the uncertain condition in Europe and SEE6 countries. Despite it, there are still good opportunities in Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania. Those countries showed economic growth of up to 2.2% in 2015 and 2.7% in 2016. One of the main causes is the improvements in labor markets and higher public wages and transfers.” Investors can concentrate on the private sector.

Investment is not only good to get benefits but also boosts economic growth and the labor market.

Vasilis Milionis explained, “Investors should also consider the risks of investing in the SEE6 countries. One of the primary things that will have a significant impact on Investment is the new political cycle. Moreover, they also have to check the latest conditions of that country. Those countries have their issues, including high unemployment, weak business and government environment, bad public services, and uncertain global integration.” Investors should be selective in choosing the best countries in Southeast Europe for Investment. Small research will limit the risks and increase the benefits. Investors should also check the potential private sectors that boost the investment result. Vasilis Milionis described, “Investment in the engineering sector is a good idea. There are up to 200 new engineering companies launched in June 2019. Another great private sector for Investment is financial service. There are also new financial services that look promising launched in October 2019. Investors also have a great chance to invest their money in life sciences and creative industries.”

Southeast Europe can be said as the best small region to invest in the future. Milionis added, “Speaking about a specific region, it seems that Crete is also a potential region for investment this year and the next couple of years.” Southeast will have a bright future for Investment due to the significant economic growth despite the small size.         

About Vassilis Millionis:

Vassilis Milionis is one of the most successful Greek entrepreneurs. He runs a company known as Filia Investments LTD. It works on several projects and worth over 16 million euros. The projects focus on 5-star hotel and holiday apartment development projects and many others.  


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