Vassilis Milionis Explained The Most Profitable Investment Opportunity in Greece for Foreigner


Bank of Greece announced all the financial institutions in the country on implementing electronic identification for their clientele. Foreign investors can shortly open their bank accounts without their presence in Greece.

On June 2, 2020, The Bank of Greece notified all the financial institutions in the country on implementing electronic identification for their clientele. This means that an overseas investor can open their bank accounts without their presence in Greece in the near future. According to Vassilis Milionis, it’s good news, as the Greek government is facilitating foreign investors in pursuing their investment activities with ease and convenience during times of difficulties.

Vasilis Milionis, a Greek businessman, and entrepreneur stated, “ Greece is one of the countries that allows foreigners to invest their money with ease and convenience.” He added, there are some profitable industries in Greece that overseas foreigners can invest in. They include tourism, energy, food & beverage, export-oriented manufacturing, and logistics. But there are some mandatory rules that must be obeyed. One of them is by buying Greek properties. Having a property in Greek is a tool to enter the Golden Visa residency-by-investment Programme. It allows non-EU nationals and their family members to obtain permanent residence permits in Greece.

Vasilis Milionis advises boosting profit when investing in Greece, especially Athens. “To boost profit when investing in Greece, investors can invest in commercial properties. Other ways are Buy a non renovated flat in Athens, Buy property in up-and-coming areas in Central Athens, and Set up a business instead of buying property,” said Vasilis Milionis, a property investor. Milionis explained that those ways are intended to get a Golden Visa for foreigners to ease their business in Greece. Even though the property is the popular route towards permanent residency, there are other ways to get permanent residency. One can set up a business with total investment exceeding 250.000€, and they are eligible to get permanent residency. The business can be in sectors that include energy, logistics, tourism, and many more.

About Vasilis Milionis

Vasilis Milionis is a Greek entrepreneur and property investor. His interest in property and investment encouraged him to establish Filia Investments LTD, a company that focuses on property and tourism investment. Filia Investments LTD is involved in the 5 Star Hotel and Holiday Apartments worth 16 million euros. As a successful businessman, Mr. Vassilis Milionis also encourages people to be smart when it comes to investing.


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