Vassilis Millionis: Sectors that Regain and Ready for Investment


Vassilis Milionis describes sectors that start to regain this year. Investors should look at those sectors.

Vassilis Milionis, the owner of the trusted investment company in Greek, describes the global finance condition. The uncertain global condition affects the global financial condition. Investors should be wise and careful in spending their money on an investment. Despite the global condition, some sectors try to regain. The U.S. stocks begin to recover slowly after the virus attack in March. Investors need extra effort to find the best markets and get new opportunities.

Vassilis Millionis stated, “Asia has a good prospect for investment. Some countries, excluding Japan, may show positive equities earnings growth this year. Most Asian investors also said that they were optimistic about starting the investment.” One of the reasons that make Asian investors optimistic is the outperform of the Asian currencies against the U.S. dollar. This condition may happen for the next 18 up to 24 months. Vasilis Milionis explained, “This is also a good start to find the best markets for investing in Asia. Singapore’s Straits Times Index is one of the best markets. It has a good track record and experiences to defend its investors for many obstacles, including epidemics. South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China also have a good prospect for investment this year.”

Investors should consider two main sectors, which are bonds and real estate. Bonds are a good investment in Asia since the government’s fiscal response to the epidemic. Real estate is another good investment sector, although investors should consider the risks well. The impact of the epidemic attacks all sectors. Some countries, including Chile, Colombia, Nigeria, and Russia, will win the commodities market. Investors have to consider the political and economic risks in the countries before investing their money.

According to Vassilis Milionis, “Investors may check some potential commodities. They can start to think about investing money in companies or sectors that focus on copper, crude petroleum, coke briquette, and crude oil. On the other hand, investing in sovereign debt is not a good option this year.” Gold mining stocks can be a good investment option, although it has been declined by over 30% for the past ten years. In contrast, the price of gold increases by more than 40%.

The most important thing to consider is that gold mining stocks often rely on global political and economic conditions. The price increases significantly during the uncertainty of political and economic conditions. According to Milionis, “It is better to hold cash and wait for the overall market condition. Investors who want to invest may consider gold mining stocks.”

About Vassilis Milionis:

Vassilis Milionis is the CEO of Filia Investment LTD. It covers several prestigious projects. The projects include 5-star hotel and holiday apartment development, luxury tourism properties, tourist complex, tourist village, and many others.     


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